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Beverly McDonald

My Story




I'm Beverly McDonald

Founder of Just B Reiki and

Level 2 practioner.




For most of my life, I felt disconnected. Out of step with everyone around me. A general sense that something was “off.”


As I moved into adulthood, sometimes I’d be overcome by anxiety. Depression. Emotional junk piled up alongside the wall I built whenever anyone tried getting close to me.


I traveled and lived abroad in Europe on my own in my late 20’s, so living in new environments wasn’t new for me, but when I packed up my life for the umpteenth time and moved to Toronto, Canada in the middle of winter, the disconnect got worse. Being born in San Diego, I was used to sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine.













But, in Toronto, the cold was debilitating. So was my anxiety. I suffered a life-threatening bout of Vitamin D deficiency. (Something you never hear about if you live in Southern California).


After months of agony, I decided to move back to San Diego.


And that changed the course of my life.


While driving across the mountains in Colorado, an early winter storm hit.



My U-Haul skidded out

of control and I thought that was it.

But it wasn’t.


In that moment, my old self melted away.

My vision cleared and my heart lifted.



I realized I was alive. That both Heaven and Hell are our own creation.


That moment led me to Reiki. It transformed my life.


And now, in some way, Reiki has led you here.

In that moment, my old self melted away. My vision cleared and my heart lifted.

Bev McDonald Founder and Practioner at Just B Reiki
My story
Moving back to San Diego

So, here’s the good news.


I can’t fix you.


Sounds strange, right? How’s that good news?  Hear me out.

As a Reiki Healer, I’m a facilitator. A channel. A guide.

My role is simple: to remind you that you’re powerful.


That’s right.


You’re powerful.


I empower you so you can:


  • let go of those scripts, stories, voices and beliefs that drag you down.

  • face your dragons and demons and see them for what they are

  • step back into being the superhero of your life.


There’s no space for judgement or pretentiousness on my treatment table. I surround you with love and compassion.


You already have everything you need to heal yourself.

I just remind you.

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