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 Beverly McDonald Weeding
Owner/ Somatic Massage Therapist/Bodyworker/People and animal lover

My Story

Bev McDonald Founder and Practioner at Just B Reiki



I'm Beverly McDonald Weeding




For most of my life, I felt disconnected. Out of step with everyone around me. A general sense that something was “off.”


As I moved into adulthood, sometimes I’d be overcome by anxiety. Depression. Emotional junk piled up alongside the wall I built whenever anyone tried getting close to me.

I was diagnosed with panic and anxiety disorder in my 20's and given pill after pill that made me feel sick, crazy, or both. When I found myself in an unhappy life I felt victim to, I made a decision.

To up and change every single aspect of my life.

I decided for the first time to ask myself what I wanted, and listen. I decided to follow my hearts call, even if I had no idea where it would lead me. 9 countries, 4 address', love found, lost, and found again, and one crazy trip across the country alone in a u-haul brought me to the power of healing oneself; to the power of Reiki and touch. These experiences transformed my life. (curious about the details of my transformation? get the book. Listen to the interview)











And now, in some way, one or both have led you here. When deciding just how I would share my newfound truths with you; I enrolled in bodywork and massage school and started on an intense and rewarding understanding of our structural and emotional bodies. I attended 754 classroom hours of practical learning and applications, continued immediately into continued education focusing on deeper understanding of the bodies organization beyond the muscular system. I became passionate about assisting all types of people with the mental obstacles I personally overcame and the physical ailments only my earliest clients could educate me on. I regularly assess my skills and take classes and workshops to stay current with medical and scientific research and study. 

My story

My goal is so simple;


to make you feel light as a feather and learn to be ok with putting life on hold for an hour…or 90 minutes.

Except we won’t really be putting your life on hold.


Your body is your life, and you won’t get anywhere without it.

As a heavily trained somatic massage therapist, I work with you and your body to facilitate changes and bring about positive results, using stretching, jostling, stillness, muscle testing, therapeutic and intuitive touch, and my knowledge of anatomy and physiology.


But I can't do it without you on my treatment table.  


You’re body requires relaxation.


Your parasympathetic nervous system regulates rest and relaxation for proper;

  • Energy conservation


  • Increased intestinal and gland activity


  • Organ and digestive regulation


  • Increased neurotransmitter activity


  • Maintain homeostasis and mobilize ‘fight or flight’


  • Slows heartrate and relaxes muscles


When your parasympathetic nervous system is only activated during a traumatic event or sleep, the body needs to do more of those things in order to regulate itself.


When we give the body regular massage, it learns to regularly release stresses and therefore have better stress response and a decreased need for physical ailments or paralysis.

Your journey to pain free living begins here

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