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Your privacy will always be my TOP priority

Its imperative to me that you understand that you will NEVER be discriminated against by this business. While every client is asked to complete a health intake form prior to coming for an appointment at Just B, this has always been to assess your ability to safely receive therapeutic touch. Ultimately, it is always your choice whether to be completely honest with me about your medical history. You know your body and you know that my touch will never be too hard, too fast, or cause damage.

But there are legitimate reasons someone may not be able to receive healthy touch. Some reasons are called contraindications and a few examples are; an acute injury, for instance whiplash that happened within the last 2 days. We always wait 3 days for any soft tissue manipulation, and often we'll want to see x-rays or get your doctors clearance.

Certain cancers; while having cancer itself is not always a contraindication for massage therapy, sometimes, it is.

Cancer aware massage is extremely beneficial for someone going through cancer treatments like chemotherapy, due to its relaxing and stress relieving effects. Some metastatic cancers aren't safe for a Swedish style of massage; as we could actually help the cancer spread. Having had cancer in the past, can also alter the way we massage. For instance, if you've had breast cancer, we will not work the upper quadrant, even if you've been cancer free for years. The reason for this, is that lymphatic cancer is always a risk and massage in the region of the upper arm, armpit, and chest area, can trigger a lymphatic reaction. Massage therapy is highly effective in helping the lymphatic system to cleanse. With cancer, we always want to err on the side of caution.

Skin conditions; certain skin conditions can be spread from person to person, like athlete's foot, to name one. This transmission is easily done with skin to skin contact, like in a therapeutic massage. Please reschedule. Or you can always choose to wear socks and the area can be avoided completely.

Arthritis, sometimes. The thing with arthritis is, it spreads. So, there's still research being done on the effectiveness of massage therapy. The biggest thing for a massage therapist to understand is that these clients, need lighter touch. While it can feel really good to go deep on an arthritic nodule, its actually opening up that nodule and releasing it back into the blood stream and lymphatic system. Effectively spreading it to the rest of the body. Imagine having the pain you have in just one toe, now all over your body. Its not what we aim for, and with proper understanding and knowledge, we can help you release stress and endorphins for proper pain relief.

There are a few other contraindications but these are the ones we will often encounter. What I don't care about, is your vaccine status. I won't ever ask it, my intake form will never ask it, and we don't need to be concerned about it being new therapy, as I know the signs of blood clots and how to not aggravate them as well as inform you of them to contact your doctor. The enlarged heart muscle won't be exacerbated by my style of massage. Its mostly seen in young males, and my style of massage is very calming and introductory for these young people.

As we learn more and more about the side effects, surely this list may grow to include some of them. In the meantime, lets continue to be respectful, inclusive, mindful, responsible, and self aware.

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