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Lets talk essential oils!


Above is a photo of the essential oils I have in my treatment room. As you can see, I use different companies for different oils. I have never had much brand loyalty, as I assess each item from their vendor individually. My mom was a Doterra rep for a little while which is why I have a few of those oils. Eden's garden in local as well as cost efficient with high grade oils, albeit not the highest. I also grabbed a replacement cypress oil at Sprouts one day.

My point is, its not really about where you get your oils, just that you know how to use them and how not to. While I realize that I anger a lot of Doterra reps making that claim, since they are versed in their product and know just how much of a higher grade their product is and I do agree with that; however, not everyone can afford the highest grade oils. And that does not mean that you shouldn't use them; that's my point.

What does 'highest grade' even mean? While the grading of essential oils is based on a multitude of testing, the main focus is on the manner in which the oil is derived (geographically, ethically) and later diluted. When you raise the oil to smell it under your nose, if you get a tingle that's usually due to the oil extracted being mixed with alcohol. While mixing with alcohol is common practice of medicinal plant oils (its an edible solvent that extracts the compounds and active ingredients that aren't water soluble rendering the oil fully effective) the amount and quality of the oil you are extracting, varies greatly.

When we call something a 'high grade essential oil' we are referring to the plant source being ethically and hygienically acquired as well as the least amount, highest grade alcohol used as the solvent.

Doterra is top, Eden's garden is right under them as well as local to my Southern California self. So, I use their oils a lot. I have found that the oils I purchase smell the same as their Doterra counterparts, leading me to feel confident in my choices. I have only found 1 or 2 oils that I have purchased from Edens garden to be a Like, too much alcohol is in them. I found these oils to be the Clary Sage and the Palo Santo. Now, I could be biased on these considering I burn a LOT of real Palo Santo wood and am very partial to all things sage.

So how do we use them?

Nearly all essential oils are safe to diffuse in a diffuser, like these. Some can also be used directly on the skin while mixed with a carrier oil like coconut or almond. In a pinch I've used olive as well. The biggest concern for using essential oils on the skin is that if you go into the sun you WILL GET BURNED. Badly. Don't do it.

My favorite way to use my favorite oils are in my bath tub or directly on my skin; usually my temples of directly in the center of my chest. Because I spend so much time indoors and in lightly lit rooms performing bodywork, I don't run the risk of burning.

Oils like lavender and peppermint can work together to create a euphoric, floating sensation calming anxiety and stress. Lavender alone calms the nervous system almost instantaneously when paired with thoughts of relaxation and calm. In other words, putting your oil under your nose while complaining about your stressful day, probably wont provide the results you're seeking. Your mind is just that powerful.

Peppermint on its own is incredibly uplifting and can help you focus and enhance memory for a performance or work project. When I went to bodywork school I had a peppermint oil mix that I kept in my bag and brought out during lectures and tests. I found that my oil helped me recall my learning and apply it during test time. I often diffuse peppermint when the kids are doing homework in our dining room.

Bergamot is incredibly helpful for anxiety as well as to heal fever, calm the intestines, increase appetite, relieve depression, insomnia, and even help with acne! applying Bergamot to certain flex points (acupoints) or on the area of concern directly activates its antiseptic properties; clearing skin anomaly's. Bergamot is one of my favorite oils for anxiety and panic.

Cypress is my favorite oil for muscles aches and fatigue. When I was introduced to Cypress, I had bruised my knee cap and the surrounding tendons while clumsily walking down a hallway. The pain was unreal. My mom had cypress oil and placed it, diluted with carrier oil, all around my knee and surrounding calf and thigh. Within 2 days, I was completely healed. I began using this oil anytime my elbows would ache or my clutch knee would act up, feeling relief within minutes. Its also extremely beneficial to the lungs and respiratory system (Asthma, anyone?!), so I diffuse it regularly. Aside from my own experience with Cypress, it has been used for thousands of years for its benefits on the urinary system and other places where there is excessive loss of fluids, such as perspiration, diarrhea, and menstrual flow. Pregnant women urged to be cautious in using any essential oils, always.

Spikenard is an anti-bacterial, an anti-fungal, an anti-inflammatory, a deoderant, and a relaxing skin tonic. Spikenard is known for helping in the treatment of allergic skin reactions. 'The oil redresses the skins physiological balance and causes permanent regeneration.' Have a wound that won't heal? Try spikenard. In India, its also been used as a perfume, and a highly regarded scented oil mentioned many times in the bible and sought after in the middle east during times of Christ. Its got an earthy, peaty, animal like fragrance that herald feelings of balance, harmony and ease..

I use the other oils you see here as well as any others I'm called to in sessions, personally, with the kids when they're ill, etc. See an oil in the photo I didn't explain? Want the info? Message below and I will provide the extensive uses and functions.

Blessings and love, my hearts.

To health, to love, to us.

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