New year, new services

My Hearts! The start to 2020 has been quite eye opening so far! I think its safe to say both the, individual and collective, blinders are off. When I began this practice with Reiki healing, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, full of empowerment and true connection to assist in your emotional as well as physical healing. It is with great joy and compassion for my clients that I regularly assess my strengths as well as maintain awareness of the growing industry of wellness professionals, recent medical studies, trending demands, and most importantly, client feedback.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing the power of 'Touch for health' myself and am thoroughly excited to find that the work is not very different from the Reiki I already perform, but with a few differences; medical acceptance and recognition by the scientific community, as well as service to hospitals and other wellness professionals alike.

While Reiki is a powerful tool, proven over and over again to be effective and healing; I have found myself more dependent on other tools of energetic and physical growth and health. Kinesiology and muscle testing has been calling me for a couple of years, and while I got a small taste of it in bodywork school; I have recently committed myself to learning and beginning to practice this powerful, scientifically backed, form of energetic balancing and muscle health.

'Touch for health' is a phrase that I believe anyone can understand. And language is so important for one to truly reap the benefits. We all love to hear our own names called, and we love to hear the name of the street we grew up on; its nostalgic and flushes our brain with endorphins which fill our cells with calm and peace.

Reiki is the same powerful practice and observation based science (i'snt it all?), but one born of another culture and another language. It can be confusing to the western mind, and that confusion lays a foundation that we begin our healing on. Basically, it is a buffer that I have felt within myself and my clients, and doing things just half way, is just not the way Just B, Massage and Reiki, does things.

Nope, you deserve to come in with a calm mind, knowing exactly what will happen in our session so that you can relax and allow it. Therefore giving your mind and body the relief it is truly seeking.

Don't worry, I'm not abandoning my craft, and I'm not renouncing reiki; its just too powerful a tool for me to ever abandon. I just feel you, I hear you, I honor you, and I want to serve you better. I want to refine my craft, finish my course, and begin treating you in a more whole way.


Don't worry, I'm not changing a single thing about my massage services; you guys prove to me every day that I'm doing the right thing in that area of my business.

Touch for health will start to be rolled out slowly as my confidence in the work grows and I decide a price point for those sessions.

You will notice that Reiki sessions have been removed from the services menu in Massagebook and I'm soon to update my personal website to reflect these changes as well.

Running a business in the health, wellness, growth and enlightenment industry, means I am never above my own work. There will be times of change and I hope that you embrace these changes along with me and possibly they empower you to be more willing to make those small changes in your life that might be holding you back from feeling full and whole.

>>I just love you so much and I love what I do; helping people feel good; emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Thank you for your patience and support while we transition together.<<


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