Embracing the fullness, honoring the shadow

The shapeshifter

The woman

The goddess

The crone

The maiden

The female hormone, estrogen, is unlike any other substance in the universe. It offers a portal to other dimensions and unleashes the fullness of man. Like the moon, the female specimen changes and shifts through which portal she walks through life. During her month, she will have traversed 4, maybe more, lifetimes.

No female specimen exactly alike, we are all running into one another at different stages of transition, resulting in drama and chaos; quite literally unable to see the same reality as we are firmly planted in different dimensions, albeit sharing a mutual life sequence.

If one female is in the goddess dimension and another in the crone dimension, they will see the same situation completely opposite. On the one hand, getting in the car with 2 guys you met at the beach that afternoon and heading to a party nearby for the evening, sounds like fun flirting to the goddess, and danger, danger to the more cautious and often viewed as uptight, crone dimensional friend. The following week, when the ladies switch their shape, this situation changes and leaves the same guys you met at the beach, confused and now calling you ‘crazy’, or a ’tease’.

To the married man, the shapeshifter is ever more apparent.

He lives with this woman that sometimes he understands, and sometimes, he can’t identify. it would help him greatly if he learned these stages and understood the cyclical nature of them. The goddess is the most fun. She loves sex, play, and all things adventurous and outgoing. The maiden is dismissive, a little insecure and needy…she needs to feel supported and cared for. Sex is more tender. The crone is the grandmother. The one who is annoyed by your snoring, or when the lights are left on. She also feels her worst physically. The woman is the seer of all of this. Each female shapeshifts in and out of all of these dimensions, all of the time. Sometimes we stay in one dimension for an entire day, week, or month. Sometimes we spend 5 minutes in one. It is the card we were dealt when we were given estrogen. Not all can articulate this, most don’t have any idea they do this. It has already been named; bipolar, depressed, manic, moody, PMS, PMDD, etc. The treatment for those is medication. Medication will never reveal this cycle.

Embrace the fullness that is you. Learn what makes you tick, what makes you feel alive and what makes you drop to your knees in despair and anguish. We all do it, we are just as versatile as the moon, and its why she calls to you on the nights that she is full.

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