My experience with CDB tincture, Sativa vs. Indica

Are you guys tired of hearing about CBD and medical cannabis yet?

I know, its being talked about EVERYWHERE, and as a long, long time proponent of medical cannabis; I couldn't be happier about it. But even me, someone who is well versed in the plant and its healing benefits, gets thoroughly overwhelmed with the inundation of products you see on the web!

So, I'm sharing MY personal experience with tinctures, topical's, and the flower itself. Feel free to leave any questions below, I obviously can't cover it all!

First things first- Cannabis strands

Cannabis Sativa is the name for Marijuana most commonly known amongst recreational users. Even the US government specified in their illegalization of Cannabis that it was the Cannabis Sativa flower only that was considered illegal.

Cannabis Indica is in the Cannabacae family as well but is not exactly the same as its brother, sativa. Most edibles are made with Indica as they are easier for the medical patients to ingest and gives a calm and relaxed 'high'

This is where the debates start and the confusion begins. Are they the same or aren't they?!

Well don't worry, I am not going to add to the debate or confusion since I am NO expert or horticulturalist. But I do want to share about my experience since I definitely feel the difference in the plants mentioned above VERY strongly.

I have been using pure CBD (300mg CBD, 15 mg THC for activation only-no high) tincture for about a year. The strand used in this CBD is the well known legal strain called Charlotte's Web. It gained notoriety and was one of the first medical cannabis strains to be enacted into law due to its effective treatment of seizures and neurological disorders. This strand is a Sativa strand. However, this specific strand has been cultivated down so that it does not act like a standard sativa.

So how does a standard sativa act? Well to me, a standard sativa strain flower gets me high, makes me paranoid, and intensifies my aches and pains like nothing else. Ya, it makes my pain worse. You read that correctly.

For these reasons, I have always stuck to the Indica side of life, as it calms my aches and pains, and makes my body feel heavy and relaxed. Only to be used at night when needed.

This takes me to the other sativa based tincture I started using 3 weeks ago. I decided to use a different tincture because I know someone who knows someone who grows her own flower and makes her own CBD in Oregon. I wanted to 1. get directly from the source, homegrown CBD. 2. support local growers. and 3. support a friend. The instructions were simple; 2 drops under the tongue to be held there for 30 seconds, 2 times a day. Morning and evening.

However, after a week of using this other tincture, I had to stop. It was unbelievable how quickly it made my body HURT! When I bought it from the gal she had sent me a whole information packet about her CBD, and I did find it strange that she used primarily Sativa flower in her tincture. She also cited that she used Indica's and Hybrids(plants with both Indica and Sativa properties), so I didn't think it would affect me so much.

But it did. And pretty miserably. I've been off the stuff now for a week and I am back to happy, pain free me! With the occasional, as needed help from my old trusty Charlottes Web strain CBD.

I did also purchase a topical cream CBD from her that I do really like!! However, my issue with this topical CBD; is that it wears off quickly. Not that I rub it off, that the pain is back in about 15 minutes.

This is the tincture that I use. I buy it from a local dispensary for either $80 or $70. Multiple locations sell them and the price and product are steady. I sometimes notice that some vials are stronger than others (maybe i'll need 2 droppers instead of 1) but the effects are consistent. Photo is clickable and directs to an online retailer. I have NOT used them myself.

This is the topical CBD that I do find effective (more so than the Oregon cream) and its lasted me a long time. I don't actually remember what I payed for it but it would not have been more that $60. Emu oil and CBD are proven effective together to assist in inflammation and generalized pain. Its important to note-That topical's aren't going to go as specific as the tincture to your pain.

The tincture is far more effective due to its administration. Holding the oil under the tongue for 30 seconds is a homeopathic administration. It is the quickest manner in which to get the medicine into the blood stream via the saliva. Its also the quickest way to communicate with the hypothalamus, which regulates sine (body) waves and is your bodies energetic switchboard. Your pain is an out of phase sine wave pattern (a vibration) in the body. The pineal gland then reads the new CBD loaded blood, lending the physical change to the energetic work initiated in the hypothalamus and corrects the pain wave. Leaving you free of pain.

Now, you may not be interested in the inner workings of CBD on your body systems but given that that's EXACTLY what I am interested in, I had to get into it!

So that's the low down on how I use CBD and what has and had not worked for me. Have you tried CBD? What are your thoughts and experiences? I'd love to hear it below!

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