I am the problem. and so are you.

I am the problem. and so are you.

I had a sort of an epiphany during my between 3 and 4 a.m. 'lets be awake and think about the ultimate nature of reality for about 45 minutes' nightly ritual this morning. I often do this. Sometimes the idea is powerful and I need to write it down immediately, and sometimes; like this time, I ask the thought to come back later so I can get back to sleep.

So during my morning meditation the thought came back. And its so simple, but so necessary I just had to start writing.

I stay away from the news and media, and its completely intentional. However, with the influx of apps and social media its pretty impossible not to hear things that are going on and make some judgments on them.

My intention in staying away from news and media is that I am fully aware

how powerful my thoughts are for my own well being. I'm not even talking about how important the collective thoughts are, that's being talked about everywhere (which is absolutely lovely and needed but still just an extension of individual thoughts) but I'm much more caught up in how my own thoughts affect me and my life. THAT'S what I can control.

But it happens. I hear things, I hear people's opinions, I am human, and I judge. I share my opinion, it angers someone, they judge. And so do you. That's OK.

What now though? Because we are now at a pretty intense place. Its intense at work, at the kids soccer games with other parents, its intense in the grocery line; hell, its intense across our dinner tables! Everyone has opinions. We are given free will. When did this become the problem? When we decided to choose our opinions over our happiness. That's when.

So my epiphany went like this- What if everyone committed to being kind today? If every single person woke up and said to themselves, 'today I will be kind in every opportunity. I won't cut anyone off, I won't try to 'get ahead' on anyone today. I am going to be kind today.'

And then I felt the power in that. Like a light speed tunnel I felt the streams of energy shoot out of every cell in my body. That's it.

So, stop. stop reacting. I know, right? 'How do I just stop Beverly?!' You just decide to be kind, and open instead. Instead of reacting. What if every single person tomorrow made a commitment to themselves and ultimately each other to be kind?

Today I choose kindness.

That's it. Today, I am not going to fire back with my opinion when someone has a different one. Today, I am going to choose to be kind because it makes me feel good. and I like to feel good.

It's OK to feel good. It's not selfish and it's not something you need to earn.

Choose kindness.

I love you.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"- Mahatma Ghandi

#electiontime #differentopinions #ego #lettinggo

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