Parting gifts and moon magic

So you did the full moon ritual. You burned away some old ideas and habits, and you mentally asked for the energies no longer serving your highest good to exit your emotional and physical bodies the closest stage left. Now its a couple days later and you feel anxious, frustrated, and annoyed at every little thing. Why though? Well those energies didn't just politely vacate on cue, they hit every rock and pebble along the way making your inner lake choppy and murky instead of calm and clear.

You didn't expect those energies to leave politely did you? oh. you did. Common mistake actually. So common that today I am in the direct throes of my negative energies and released habits, and am feeling my inner calm shatter over and over again. My emotions are all over the place. I'm annoyed. I'm irritated. I'm MAD. But, at what? Nothing specifically, I just feel really, really off.

I've felt directly affected by the moon energy for a long time but have never felt so in sync with her as of lately. I've been doing a lot of self growth work and have felt a new kinship with my own divine feminine and moon magic. I have been performing full moon rituals for years but never in the organized and focused, ritual way I did this past full moon. I wrote down some things I wanted to leave in the old moon cycle; some habits I want to shake, thoughts no longer true, etc. and then I tore the slips of paper up and burned them while asking for them to effortlessly leave my energy field and body. I sat in a crystal grid and burned sage and quietly reflected while soaking up the moons rays. It felt powerful to burn those old ideas up! Just be sure to have a fire safe bowl with some water in it to drop it in! But, now I don't feel so awesome.

So, I thought that if I'm feeling this way, then there is undoubtedly someone else feeling the same. Lets cheer us both up! Here's my favorite stuff to do while i'm purging old energies.


Get outside!! Breathe the fresh air and stop thinking. Let nature eat you up.


Yup. Its gonna be on every list I make ever. Bath's are life.


This is definitely a time that I meditate. Sit with yourself. Ask yourself what you need. It may take several times asking to get a clear idea of what would make you feel peace right now. Just sit.


For sure, get a Reiki treatment. During trying times and times of shift, we need to seek help from others. Self reiki treatments are always necessary, but we can't always get all of our own stuff. As I Like to say, we can't always see the dust in our own corners. Seek an appointment.


And I do feel a lot better!

Whatever you do, know that its the best thing for you to do if it makes you happy. Love Love Love my hearts!

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