"When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind"...

The above quote crossed my social media feed and it sparked so many directions of thought I knew I just had to get writing.

Living in America lately has been very, very heavy. I walked around in a weird fog for the better part of 3 days before I abruptly realized that it wasn't MY mood. Being an open channel means that sometimes (mostly without realizing) I take on a lot of other peoples 'stuff'. I feel myself going out of alignment and balance but my mind tries to own the discomfort and claim that we're just off. I'm not off, I'm so incredibly on that I need to turn off consciously!

As a kid I couldn't articulate this process at all. In fact, I couldn't separate myself from the influx of energies I was picking up throughout my days and was a very angry adolescent. Do you feel like this sometimes? Are you feeling the weight of your neighbors bad mood? your partners?

Shielding through self love and open acceptance of yourself is the first step in completely taking control of your energetic body and its tendencies. There are many ways to connect with yourself and find that place within that recognizes you are perfection incarnate.

Let the month of February, of love and partnership, be the time that you care for the most important partnership you will ever be a part of; the one with yourself. I'm leaving you with some of my absolute favorite things to do for myself when I'm feeling a bit too spread thin, tired, cranky, or just plain off!


Oh my word, I am a bath fiend. When I lived in the Netherlands I was without bath(the Dutch aren't into wasting water) and I almost lost it. I'm all for conserving water but I also know that water is the key to life, and we are of the sea. And I cannot ignore that innate sense of peace and comfort a bath gives me. Its entirely primal and a snap of your fingers way to get out of your head and into your body. Add Lavender or Bergamot oil into epsom salts or directly into the water for a relaxing effect on all your senses. Precursor to the tub-dry brushing


Exercise and breathing techniques are THE fastest way I have found to completely change my perspective and open my mind to new possibilities of thought. If you can do it outdoors, even better. The change of scenery and constant focus on the now, make it virtually impossible to hold onto any negativity or bad energy. Prior to your work out get in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eyes and say some affirmations. I am fit. I love my body. I can run/bike/hike/squat __ miles/minutes. I love to sweat. etc. Don't just say them, feel them! Now, get out there and GET IT!!


You may or may not have heard of Qigong. Its rather popular in energy and body work as a way to ground, center and focus. I do Qigong breathing before and after all my sessions as it clears my mind of the work just completed and re-centers me for the work to come. I also do it when I feel my mind get frazzled. And it does get frazzled. I think the largest misconception about awakening or finding yourself, whatever you chose to call it, is that the work is done and life becomes easy. In many ways life becomes simple, but its never easy. Maintaining conscious awareness is a daily effort. You gain it, you lose it again and so on. Its a choice every day and in every situation to either view it as an opportunity or a chore. The choice is always yours.


If you haven't heard of the Positive Head podcast yet, you are welcome. I've been listening to Brandon talk about the ultimate nature of reality, what makes us tick, how can we do better, etc. for over 2 years now and all I have to say is, THANK YOU. What a gorgeous and warming feeling it is to tune into my soul brother speak of things only found in my heart and mind, only to be reminded that we are all one and his pondering are, of course, my pondering as well. This podcast is guaranteed to pull you out of whatever head space you were in prior to tuning in and deliver you re-energized, awake and yearning for more. I urge you to start with the early episodes to truly fall in love with Brandon and Dalien (no longer a host. sad face) and their unique and refreshing take on all things conscious or questioned. Where attention goes, energy flows!


I can't quite put into words how energy and body work have changed my life other than to say, there's no way it didn't change my life.

The only way to truly love yourself, is to know yourself.

You cannot effectively love yourself until you confront yourself. Even the areas of your personality that you don't like. Those are the traits that need your love and acknowledgment the most. For when you deny these parts of yourself they do not go away, in fact they get bigger. They start to manifest as headaches, stomach and digestive problems to which you'll probably see a doctor about, who will give you medications to calm the side effects but do not touch the problem. The problem is that you are not being honest with yourself. You are fighting a current you cannot compete with which makes you tired, run down, and if severe enough-very very sick. All stemming from a trait you 'don't like' about yourself.

What if you flipped the script? What if you started telling yourself you're perfect, happy with every aspect of your life, and filled with all the abundance of love and wealth you could possibly imagine? Try it and let me know in the comments how its going for you. This is how I changed my life.

To start you on your journey, lets get you in your body. Book a session today.

Allow Valentines day and February to be YOUR time. Give YOURSELF the love you deserve and let them call you selfish for 1 month.

You deserve it.

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