...I stopped. I reflected. Whoa did I appreciate how far I came!

A few months ago I shared with you my experiment. That I had been filling a mason jar throughout 2016 with the proudest, happiest, hardest, and most important moments of my life. I had shared with you that I was halfway through it and had yet to know how my experiment played out.

Today, I found out...

I don't think there was any way to prepare for how it would feel to go through outtakes of the last year of my life.

This last year was anything but a mundane, same ole same ole. It was the year that I chose to follow my heart and leave a relationship that wasn't working, drive myself, my belongings and my cat back across the country by myself, started and quit a job that wasn't my fit, met Reiki and all its blessings, started my own business, started and completed massage school, all while meeting and falling in love with my man of my dreams.

oh no, this was a BIG year and whew did it feel amazing and accomplishing to revisit it once again.

upon opening the jar the tears welled up in my eyes and I felt that pang in my heart...

gratitude. Nothing but overwhelming, non-judging, passionate gratitude. Opening each piece of paper was a new reason to smile and give thanks. It truly felt as if I was back in that moment in time and reliving the event all over again. But different.

It was different because I wasn't in the moment anymore. I had lived past it, experiencing the beautiful story it wrote and in the direct throes of its intention manifested.

Talk about power of intention and trusting the universe. imagine the universe looking back at you and winking. that's how my experiment felt. feels.

Seeing the steps I took in rapid succession and now reaping the benefits of those choices and being proud is quite possibly the most successful I've felt in my entire life. Nah, it IS the most success I've felt.

it wasn't that long ago that I was a tortured, struggling soul trying to find my own path in a world that doesn't leave bread crumbs to follow. To have found the courage in myself to change every detail of my life 'one day' (it was actually over 4 days...)and now be able to look back at the steps with pride is something I cant quite wrap my head around just yet. its too REAL, too tangible, too ____(the words haven't been discovered yet).

I am happy. content. love. heart. meaning. purpose. grateful. ready.

and I know that my little jar experiment is a big reason why today.

Happy Jar-filling my hearts!

Want to do this for 2017? Grab a mason jar, write down your moments as they happen, place in mason jar. BE PATIENT. its worth it.


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