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I think we all need to do that a lot more given the state of our country at the moment. This is NOT another political post. There's nothing that I can say that will change the minds of those convinced they're 'right'. and they ALL think they're 'right'.


what is 'right' anyways? an opinion. an idea. a belief. all of which are solely yours and yours alone. I wouldn't change them if I could for that's not the point. The point is to have these personal beliefs, ideas and opinions and NOT have to constantly justify them. To have the awareness of the collective whole called 'humanity' understand this fact and live it completely.

That is the point.

But how did we get here.

Maybe you've heard of this thing called the law of attraction. and maybe you've heard of this other thing called intention.

We use intention every single day. actually moment by moment. It starts the first thing you wake up; maybe you want coffee, so you think about the coffee, then you go to the kitchen and either make coffee or better yet! the coffee is already made because you set the timer on the night before. we do this throughout our entire day without even realizing that it is what we are doing.

the law of attraction works the exact same way but with a slight catch.

It can be described as the famous Buddha once said "What we think, we become." absolutely anything you THINK, you can attract. Famed speaker Abraham Hicks talks wonderfully about this topic and explains it in terms of a 'vortex'.

Anything within your 'vortex' of being, is what you attract. If you are depressed, you are going to be more depressed. if you are happy, then you will attract happy things and ideas into your life. This is a quite straight forward way to explain this.

The catch about the law of attraction is that we need to remain extremely mindful about our thoughts. Fear.

Fearing something to happen is willing it to be so. read that again. as Abraham Hicks has said in one of her many talks on this topic, "Worrying is using your imagination to create things you do not want."

so, how we do stop attracting what we don't want?


Did you expect something different? something harder, perhaps? this IS the hard work. it may not seem to be at first, but once you get into awareness of your thought patterns, you may be amazed to see that you are definitely harboring some negative thoughts!

so, how can we stop thinking negatively?

well, with awareness first! When a thought comes in that resonates an emotion, instead of immediately going into that emotion and reacting, take a deep breath and ask yourself what this thought is triggering for you.

Yes, i'm asking you to talk to yourself. (again). Don't be so sure you know the answer already...ask and allow a voice to answer back. it might be your imagination, it might be god. does it really matter? not so much.

"your work is not to MAKE it happen, your work is to LET it happen. and you let it happen by POSSIBILITY thinking, not negative thinking, not doubtful thinking...but by BELIEVING it will come rather than DOUBTING it will come. By talking yourself into feeling GOOD."- Abraham Hicks.

Love this stuff? I urge you to look into some more Abraham Hicks talks, they are all over youtube and her site that I've linked you to above. Also a daily conscious effort podcast is Positive Head. I've been listening to Brandon for over a year now and his insight and ideas as well as his guest interviews will keep your mouth dropped and your heart centered.

Now, go create a life you LOVE!

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