Stop. Reflect. Appreciate how far you've come...

With the New year fast approaching its natural to reflect on the last 365 days and where you were when 2016 started.

2016 was quite the year of change, for me.

I decided to do something I've never even considered before in hopes that it would bring a different sort of awareness, or perspective to the time passed.

As I write this, I still have no idea how my project will turn out and how the feelings and memories will feel being relived a second time.

I decided to create a sort of 'happiness jar'.

I got a big empty mason jar on January 1st and decided to fill it over the course of the year with things, ideas, happenings that have brought real happiness to me. Of course the bigger things, like beginning school and starting my own business are pretty solidified in my mind, probably forever

but what about the seemingly meaningless, small happiness delivering moments?

I cant wait to dive into those.

My idea is on New Years eve I will open this jar and go through every piece of tiny paper and relive the emotion like it was happening all over again. Feeling the joy and happiness again, the energy of that time and space, and reminisce in the here and now.

Entering the new year full of happiness, fulfillment, and most importantly gratitude.

I feel that this will bring a sense of accomplishment, and a true perspective of the time passed, one moment at a time. As I mentioned, the big stuff naturally stays in clear mind, but as with most of my life, i'm much less interested in the big stuff and very much drawn to the small things that keep my soul smiling and my heart full.

To be continued...

Maybe you want to try this for 2017!?

Its easy!

I used a large mason jar I had around the house but you can easily buy one for pennies just about anywhere that sells kitchen stuff. And you probably have a pen and notepaper around the house.

Now, go enjoy the hell out of life and remember to write some of it down, place it in the jar, and close the lid until the next time you add something. No peaking! If you feel so tempted instead look at your overflowing jar and allow extreme gratitude to fill your entire body.

The point is not WHAT is in the jar, but what it meant and means to you.

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