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Feeling stressed out? Snag our 10 tips for instant calm...

“I feel so burned out.”

“I don’t know if I’m doing what I’m meant to do.”

“I’m wired, tired and feel this constant knot in my stomach.” “I can’t explain it; I just feel off.”

Any of that sound familiar? If so, you’ll love these 10 fast, simple Reiki-inspired

tips you can do RIGHT NOW to find your center, balance your energy and just flat-

out feel good! No fancy tools or expensive programs required.

Let’s get started!


If you’re in modern society (and you are if you’re reading this), you take breathing

for granted. Holding your breath, not breathing deeply enough – it’s a major

energy drain. The great news? It’s free, fast (and easy) to fix.

DO RIGHT NOW: Take 5 belly breaths- bring your hands into prayer position,

fingers interlaced, arms straight out in front. Inhale as you lift your arms over

your head, resting on neck. Hold 3 seconds. Exhale while bringing your arms back

to starting position. Repeat 4 more times.


I don’t mean look at your feet or give them long, lingering strokes. (Save that for

later.) I mean feel them. Getting into our feet can be a quick and effective way of

getting out of our heads!

DO RIGHT NOW: Wiggle your toes and really feel your feet in your shoe or on the

ground. What sensations do you feel? Do this for a few minutes, preferably outside

in the dirt or grass. Concentrate on your toes, your arch, the heel, etc.


Writing is a great release. And I’m not talking about channeling your inner

Hemmingway. This isn’t an exercise in creativity. It’s a chance to clear out your

mind, even if you just have a few minutes.

DO RIGHT NOW: Grab a paper and a pen and allow the words to be released from

your mind and into the paper. Make this your intention. ‘As I write these thoughts,

they’re no longer needed in my mind; I release these thoughts now.’


The sun and its powerful healing energy can make a HUGE difference in our

perception of problems. We’re gifted with (almost) year-round sunshine in San

Diego, which makes it easy to catch some rays. But even if it’s overcast or rainy,

snatching some fresh outside air helps rev up your mind and body.

DO RIGHT NOW: Simply enjoy the sunshine in a nice comfy chair or in the grass,

feeling the earth on your feet. Or if you have the time, go for a nice run or hike!


I’ve got good news: there’s no right or wrong way to meditate. Worried about a

wandering mind? Guided meditations, apps and podcasts are a great resource.

(Two of my favorites: Insight Timer (app) includes customization options and a

wide range of guided meditations. Guided to Spirit is a fantastic podcast.)

DO RIGHT NOW: Set a timer and get comfortable (seated or laying down). Breathe

evenly and just focus on bringing your attention back as your mind wanders. You

aren’t doing it ‘wrong’, I promise!


Ask yourself what you need and really listen to the answer. If it’s 3pm on a

Tuesday afternoon and your body says ‘I need a nap’, don’t judge yourself! Instead

make a deal with yourself. ‘Well Self, I have a big meeting at 4 so I can’t nap now.

But we’ll go to bed early tonight!’ Just stick to the deal you made. Your body

remembers everything.

DO RIGHT NOW: Take a few minutes and ask yourself what you need. Write the

answer(s) down and start thinking of you can fulfill the request, directly or



Yes, you read that right. I am ordering you to eat some dark chocolate right now!

As made popular in the Harry Potter films, chocolate, specifically dark chocolate,

has analgesic properties and eating it has been proven to release endorphins

(which make us feel good)! There, your reason to always have chocolate in your


DO RIGHT NOW: Eat some dark chocolate.


If you have a dry brush at home, regular use is not only helpful for your skin but

for your entire energetic field and circulatory system. It also reduces cellulite! I

suggest doing this daily. The bristles are a bit coarse at first, so brush lightly until

your skin can handle more.

DO RIGHT NOW: Set an intention while you brush (maybe it’s to take more time for

yourself!) Working with a positive intention makes your practice more fruitful and

gets your mind in the right space! Start the brush at your feet, lightly brushing up

towards the head, making your way all the way up the body. Follow with a warm

bath or shower.


When I used to have serious bouts of panic, I sometimes found it helpful dive into

a book. It was a nice way to get away from myself for a bit and be completely

engrossed in the drama of another reality.

DO RIGHT NOW: Grab a book and set a timer. Reading even 10 minutes a day is a

great way to clear your mind.


I know, ‘sit with it’ doesn’t seem all that productive, does it? However, this one is

HUGE. We convince ourselves that we ‘don’t have time’. You may find that once

you ditch the unnecessary desire to bury your feelings, all they really needed was

a little attention. Give yourself that space.

DO RIGHT NOW: Whatever it is that’s on your mind, sit with it. Allow the emotion to

run its course through your body and just listen. Set a timer if you feel pressed for

time. Optional: break out pen and paper to record any insights that pop up.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read through these tips! They’re all

about building your best life, no matter what’s going on around you. You and your

wellbeing are worth it!

Remember: your body holds the wisdom of the universe. Reiki and these tips are

tools that help you harness the awesomeness that’s already inside you!

But life gets cray-cray sometimes, right? So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or just

plain busy, and want someone to guide you toward your happy place, we can work

through those blockages together. Just book a session or get in touch.

Now get outside, soak up some sun and read a book. Bonus points if you work

some dark chocolate in there.


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