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I have a love/hate relationship with Yoga classes...

Photo Credit: Floating Yoga School

I really love how yoga feels inside my body and how it focuses my mind on one thing; which for me has always been a struggle.

I’m pretty dyslexic so, classes in which I need to mimic another’s actions (dancing,

boxing, zoomba, etc.) was difficult to say the least.

I usually found myself using the left arm when everyone else was using their right and so on. I first came upon Bikram yoga because of a studio near my home and instantly fell in love.

They teach in MIRRORS!

This was a game changer for my mind and really allowed me to focus on WHAT I was doing versus HOW I needed to do it. Since Bikram is a set of poses that don’t change, I was able to learn them, then let it come from my body instead of my overworked brain.

After a while I was feeling great! In shape, confident, happy, STRONG, and


Eventually I got into other types of yoga (vinyasa-flow mostly) but always had little gripes here and there about the studios themselves-

  1. why is it SO expensive?

  2. Are all yogis pretentious?

  3. Why in the &%#* does it SMELL like that in here?

  4. Must you place your mat THAT close to mine?

  5. Can you PLEASE stop farting?

  6. Are these carpets and floors ever actually washed?

  7. Shorts? I call them underwear.

  8. Oh darn I need to go to the store after class…guess, I’ll water the plants while I walk through the produce isle…

  9. No, I don’t want to buy the yearly membership.

  10. Stop staring at me in the mirror dude!

I’m sure some of you can relate to some of those and some others maybe I missed (or completely blocked out of my memory for obvious, good reason)

Now, what if I told you there was a FREE, accessible way to do yoga FROM HOME?

No cost, no smells (except your own), no pretentious yogi, no creepy dude staring in the mirror at you! (my cat is now the creepy dude staring), and you can wear those teeny tiny shorts and feel confident! It’s real and it’s here-

Photo credit: Floating Yoga School

Helen is a dear friend and colleague whom travels, yoga’s and teaches others to

teach yoga all while she surfs, hikes, bikes and smiles all over the globe.

She is truly a special soul that is also a Reiki healer! She has yoga classes for EVERYONE on her site and with classes ranging from 10-60 minutes, you can’t find many excuses not to practice. And she makes it even easier by labeling the classes by what they specifically work, “detox yoga”, “stress buster”, “migraine relief”, etc. It is truly amazing that she offers all of this for FREE on her youtube page and you can reap the benefits right now! Just be sure to subscribe to her page, check out her full website with more info about Floating yoga school here-

Like to paddle board? Ya, they do that too here locally in San Diego bay. Get into it!

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